Focus on english language as key to E.U. economic growth

What are our goals ?

To focus on E.U. countries economic growth as a top priority

  • To resume growth despite such abnormal, awkward BRexit situation
  • BRexit turns out to be incredibly costly for the world economies, for the E.U and unveils a ridiculous, self-inflicted recession for the UK !
  • Meanwhile, english remains the common tool for computer science, programming, scientific innovation and economic progress worldwide!

To Set english as "official common language" in the E.U.

  • This website continues to suggest that all Europeans should officially acknowledge the importance of english in their daily life, in education, the medias, in their work and leisure time  - regardless of BRexit !
  • Starting top down from the European Commission, here is a simple recommendation:
    • The E.U. Commission should adopt key measures so the E.U. is more attractive for the UK, such as :
    • Adopt the english language as "official common language" across the E.U.
    • Require every member state to become officially bi-lingual by 2020, english + national language
  • The long term goal of this website is to reach 100% english-speakers by 2020 across the E.U., espescially member states in Southern Europe and Western Europe which are still below 50% english-speakers as illustrated in the E.U. map :

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