English as mandatory language at early school age


English for europe’s growth aims to have every E.U. resident learn, communicate and speak fluent english by 2020

  •  Campaign to have the E.U. officially adopt english as "official common language" across all European Union countries
  •  Campaign to introduce english as a mandatory language at very early school age


  • E.U. already adopted the euro € as official common currency in 1999
  • Like it or not, english has become a basic knowledge competency just like maths and writing 


  • E.U. should consider a plan to adopt english as "official common language" as soon as possible
  • E.U. will of course retain all its national languages in each country
  • Every E.U. country becomes officially bi-lingual by 2020


  • learn english as a source of job creation in the E.U.
  • get the E.U. much more competitive overall