Education & Growth strategy

  •    Yes    We  (the E.U.)   can
  •    Yes    We  (the E.U.)   will make English our "official common language"


English in the DIGITAL, Technological, Scientific era 


  • As a matter of fact, most high-tech innovation websites, digital communications, scientific publications are in english.
  • English-speaking scholars and students can access faster scientific documentation which brings a significant competitive advantage.
  • Those who need a translation inevitably lose speed and competitiveness in the race towards education excellence.

STEM & Computer Science for All

  • STEM, Scientific, Technology, Engineering, Maths education originated in english
  • Fortunately « Computer Science » for ALL was launched by President Obama during the State of the Union address in January 2016
  • This excellent, visionary and far-reaching program also originated in english
  • Global Entrepreneurship summit obviously requires english

Why is english as "official common language" so important ?

  • Knowledge of english is increasingly an essential factor in the economic development of any E.U. country.
  • English for europe’s growth represents a simple solution to generate huge benefits in terms of economic growth.
  • Keeping the E.U. divided as a mosaic of countries, with many different languages is quickly becoming obsolete, something of the past !
  • The E.U. shows too little sign of progress, insufficient economies of scale, unevenly shared growth.
  • In fact, statistics clearly show much better economic performance is achieved in those E.U. countries which are already bi-lingual.
  • Just like the euro € "official common currency" was adopted, it is time to adopt English as an "official common language".

Win-win strategy

  • It is time to send the UK a clear signal that the E.U. welcomes the UK to remain in the E.U.
  • It is time for the E.U. to acknowledge the huge benefits to be derived from widespread use of english as "official common  language".
  • It is time for the E.U. to aim to reach 100% of english-speakers across all countries in Europe by 2020.