Strategic Choices

Plenty of alternatives exist

  • Key success factors are courage and commitment from E.U. leaders in business and government
  • Many solutions exits to implement action plans to reach 100% english speakers in the E.U. by 2020  
  • How to implement in Southern and Western Europe
    • Efficient programs to speed up learning english appear to be needed to enhance competitiveness
    • E.U. to provide adequate programs and funding for learning english
    • Enhance exchange programs and incentives to learn english
    • Provide free courses, medias, multiply the use of MOOCs
    • Provide dual language signs in all public spaces
  • How to enhance in all E.U. Countries
    • Spread the information about the relationship between english-speakers and quality of life
    • Enhance english speaking via english proficiency tests with prizes and rewards annually for all citizens
  • Broadening the scope of learning, article by Dr Bertrand Piccard, chairman, Solar Impulse
    • Along a similar, truly pioneering approach, here is an excellent and far-reaching article from Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman of Solar Impulse, after landing in New York and visiting a local school :
    • ” A school of pioneers ” 
    • ” That is what we should start to look at if we want younger generations to develop the necessary skills to find their place in an increasingly globalized world, a world where they will need to be more and more flexible and free of certitudes.
    • This is the effort we have to make if we want our children to become innovators and pioneers. But do we have the courage to do it ? “
    • Dr Bertrand Piccard
      Initiator and Chairman of Solar Impulse
    • June 16, 2016