Key Objectives

English for Europe’s Growth Campaign has four main objectives

  •  Acknowledge the English language as key driver of economic growth in the E.U.  

English for europe’s growth campaign wants to raise awareness about the importance of the english language !

Actually all the European Union is already using english – de facto – as a common language,

despite large differences between E.U. countries.    Yet the E.U. should go beyond observing a simple fact,

recognize english as a powerful economic driver and offer an official status to the english language.

  •  English for europe’s growth is a campaign

–  to launch the idea that all the European countries should adopt english as their “official common language”

–  to focus on Southern and Western Europe to speed up learning english

–  to recommend the European Commission to release a declaration in principle about english

    as “official common   language”

–  hopefully this should make the E.U. resonate much more attractively for the UK population

  •  100% english-speakers by 2020

Many European countries already have reached 60% to 90% of english-speakers in their population.

Many other countries especially in Southern and Western Europe are still lagging behind and need to catch up fast.

The goal should be 100% of english-speakers by 2020 across all countries in the European Union.

Of course every country would retain their national language and would simply become bi-lingual or multi-lingual.

In today’s environment, economic performance, quality of life, competitiveness, widespread knowledge of english

appear far more important success criteria than just sticking to maintaining one single national language in any E.U. country.

It is a fact that some of the best-performing countries in Europe and worlwide speak english plus or one or more languages.

Statistical data show that European countries with multi-lingual population have better economic performance.

  • Invite the UK to rethink their relationship with the E.U.      “DO-IT-OVER”

Hopefully young British voters, Scotland, Northern Ireland, London will find a way to drive the rest of the UK

 –  to rethink the relationship with the E.U.

–  to reverse the current abnormal situation

–  DO-IT-OVER Movement has already started !   Let’s see what comes next !